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Legacy Bridge is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization, incorporated in 2005, with the goal of aiding orphaned children in Russia.   Legacy Bridge spends 100% of its donations on programs and supplies directly impacting the children.  We are all volunteers and do not receive any compensation for our work.   Legacy Bridge currently assists 5 orphanages serving 350 children from birth to 18.

Our mission

Our board consists mostly of people who have adopted children from Russian orphanages.  This group of families saw the remedial work needed for their own children due to institutional delays, and realized that there was slim chance for the children left behind in the orphanages to develop successfully.  Having also witnessed first hand the lack of basic amenities in the orphanages, and recognizing the dismal future facing the children living in them due to economic and developmental disadvantages, we were led to partner with the orphanages to initiate programs that can impact children from infancy through adolescence.  Our goal is to improve the lives and futures of the children, and to enable them to lead happy, productive lives within their communities

State care background

There are over 800,000 children in state care in Russia.  Most are "social" orphans - their parents are alive, but are unable to care for them. Foster care is relatively unheard of.  Many end up in severely under-funded state institutions, and the children grow up with low self-esteem, perform poorly in school, and lack motivation or hope for the future. 

The orphanages do the best they can to provide a home-like atmosphere.  There are, however, many children to be cared for, and  still very few resources.  These children typically lag behind their contemporaries developmentally, educationally and socially.  The prospects for their futures are dim.

After release from the state institution at 16 to 18 years of age, 2% enter university, compared with 45% of children raised in families.  40% will become addicted to drugs or alcohol.  40% will be recruited to a life of crime.  About 50,000 young women will enter into prostitution.  10% will commit suicide.  The average life expectancy for an orphan in Russia is less than 30 years.

Legacy Bridge Programs

Working with our supporters, Legacy Bridge has been able to continue or initiate programs targeted at specific developmental, educational or life-skill needs within the orphanages.  We also provide on-going humanitarian aid for medical and clothing requirements.  Some of our achievements:

Developmental and Educational Aid


► Outdoor developmental playground

► Developmental therapy equipment

► A gymnasium and equipment at children’s home (in conjunction with the Biysk Rotary club)

► Kitchen & home care equipment for the children to learn how to prepare meals and become self-sufficient

► Sports equipment

► Computers and educational software for the children’s use

► Books and Materials needed for school work

► Games and developmental toys

► Cameras, printers, cartridges and photo albums for each child to have a self-history

► Sewing & art materials

► Wood working materials

► Reading materials including magazine subscriptions

     Humanitarian Aid

► Clothing

► Shoes, shoes, shoes

► Baby formula

► Diapers

► Medicines

► Medical supplies

► Therapy equipment

► Equipping a sensory therapy room

► Commercial grade washers and dryers

► Commercial grade food preparation equipment

► Baby Quilts

Legacy Bridge continues to work for the children forgotten in orphanages motivated by seeing the progress the kids have made and we have hope for their futures.   As the director of one of the children’s homes emotionally stated, “The children are so happy. No one has ever visited them or given them anything.  Thank you for showing you care.”

"All the World's Children Have the Right to be Loved, to be Nurtured, and to Reach for a Dream.”

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Legacy Bridge is a nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the lives and futures of orphaned children in Russia.  Contributions are tax deductible.